Why Restricted Calorie Diets Do Not Work

Why Restricted Calorie Diets Do Not Work

It is not uncommon to lose dramatic amounts of weight during the first days of a restricted calorie diet. Unfortunately, it is mostly water, protein and glycogen that are lost, but very little fat. Over the next several weeks or months on this type of diet it often becomes progressively harder to lose weight.

This happens because our bodies think a famine has arrived. Therefore they do everything to conserve energy and calories:

• Metabolism slows down.
• Fat is stored as much as possible in the event the famine continues.
• Energy levels are turned down to conserve energy, just as a thermostat is turned down in the winter.

Another reason it is difficult to lose weight eating fewer calories is binge eating. Why binges? Reduced calorie diets tend to result in low blood sugar—reducing the level of glucose in the brain. This becomes a real problem. All parts of our bodies, except the brain, can use proteins, fats or carbohydrates for energy. The brain can only use glucose and if it doesn’t have enough we will tend to feel light headed or dizzy. This creates a desperate call for blood sugar and usually results in a craving for sweets—a quart of ice cream or package of cookies!

If low calorie diets are not the answer what is? See my upcoming blogs in the next few weeks for the tips you’ve been looking for in regard to weight loss.