“You are going to die!” That was the doctor’s statement when I stopped radiation treatments. I lost half my body weight in 2 weeks because the radiation destroyed my digestive system. Everything I tried to eat came back up. Cancer wasn’t killing me—the treatment was!

I was so weak that I needed help getting out of bed, brushing my teeth or sitting up. Many people were praying for my healing. Lying in bed, the thought came to me, “You need a nutritionist.” I didn’t know any nutritionists so I turned to the yellow pages. This is how I found Dr Madeline Permutt.

My daughter and a friend transported me to meet her. She didn’t rush or seem agitated by my lack of knowledge but answered my all my questions. Dr Permutt was patient, kind and more importantly, confidant she could help me. HELP is what I needed. She explained to me that her job was to help my body be the healthiest it could be, not to actually treat cancer.

Because I couldn’t eat, I knew I wouldn’t last much longer if things didn’t change. But change they did! Dr Permutt knew exactly how to help my body by giving me what I so desperately needed. The very first food she recommended I eat stayed down. My body’s reaction was, “Oh! That was good! Give me MORE!” After a few weeks I gained some weight and became strong enough to be mobile again.

I was able to return to work with a fresh mind and a strong body. My experience with this illness and with Dr Permutt convinced me to pursue a natural approach to healing. One year later I revisited the Oncology Department to let the doctor know I had not died but was alive and WELL! Many years have passed and the cancer has not returned.

Pat, Colorado Springs, CO

There are no words to express my appreciation and amazement for what Dr Permutt has done for me. I’ve been allergic to peanuts for years now. This summer I had a severe allergic reaction to food which was contaminated by peanuts. I freaked out thinking that with such a severe allergy I had to be so careful and thought I really could never be as careful as I needed to be. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could be in contact with peanuts again! I came in to be treated by Dr Permutt and after a relatively short process, with God’s help, she’s completely taken my allergy away! It’s truly amazing.

She also put me on a healthy diet and some supplements to build my body. I can now be around peanuts with no reaction and I am also free of asthma which I also had.

Shuly, Jerusalem, Israel

One week after I gave birth to my first child, I lost muscular control in the right side of my face. The doctors diagnosed it as Bell’s palsy, a virus which they said has no recognized cause and no known cure. They predicted a recovery time of 6-12 months and warned me that my face may never look the same. I was devastated. Then I saw Dr Permutt, who immediately pinpointed the source of the problem. She prescribed a specific diet including many vitamins and supplements. She also gave me weekly treatments to help balance my body. With each treatment my husband and I both noticed major improvements. After three weeks we were amazed to see that my face showed not a trace of the Bell’s Palsy.

Mushky, Chicago, Illinois

“Ugh!” A huge weight crushed my chest and I fell to my knees grasping my chest and gasping for air! I could not breathe! I began to pray! Perhaps I’ll feel better if I lie down. I lay down on the floor. In just seconds I felt I must get up. Clutching the counter I tried to concentrate on getting very small amounts of air. Surely I would start breathing again soon. Making my feeble way to the couch, I laid down. Immediately my little grandson ran to me and said, “Grandma, don’t go to sleep. It’s not time yet.” He ran off to play but his words propelled me to get back up. Returning to the kitchen I grasped the counter. Unable to stand the pain I silently cried, “Oh, God, whatever is your will, please do it!”

As instantly as the pain started, it stopped! I gasped for air and sucked in the most beautiful breath I can ever recall. Whatever had happened was over. But I was shaken and exhausted. For several days I kept this to myself because I didn’t want to alarm anyone. Finally I felt I had to tell my husband so he could better understand my lack of energy and zest for life.

His response was, “Why don’t you call Dr Permutt?” She listened to my account of what happened and immediately ordered heart-strengthening supplements that were delivered to our home within hours. She was certain I had experienced a heart attack! If so, then the expression “an elephant on your chest” was exactly what I felt.

The supplements and dietary recommendations provide fresh strength and renewed energy each day. Dr Permutt continues to meet with me by phone consultation, re-evaluating each stage of recovery and adjusting the recommended treatment plan as needed. My lifestyle has improved for the better under her professional guidance! Now I eat healthier and am much happier because my body responds so positively to what I feed it. I have regained peace of mind also and have returned to work and full daily activities.

Thank you, Dr Permutt, for your non-invasive treatment that bring such health! I am grateful for the years you have devoted to study and refining your practice. Your skills are life giving! They are crucial to those caught in the prison of physical distress. They bring healing that lasts!

Pat, Colorado Springs, CO