Almost two years ago I got a call from Dr Permutt. At the time I was suffering from severe insomnia. Some nights I didn’t sleep at all. After one such grueling experience, I really wondered if that would continue the rest of my life. I considered all my options. Taking hormones was out because at one point I took them and ended up in the hospital on an operating table. Over the counter meds were out because I didn’t want liver problems and other side effects. I thought my life and my career as a music teacher were over and I considered ending it all.

After one fateful night of crying out to God the whole eight hours, I received an answer to my prayers about six o’clock in the evening. It was Dr Madeline. She had an urgent prompting to call me. She asked me if I had ever had my iodine level checked. I tearfully told her what was going on with me.

The next day I was in my primary care physician’s office getting an iodine loading test. The results were alarming. I had the dubious honor of having had the lowest score recorded in his thirty years of practice.

Within one month of starting iodine and vitamin supplements which Dr Madeline recommended, my sleep improved dramatically. I’m still teaching music and look forward to years of good health under her watchful eye.

Barbara, St. Louis, Missouri

I was having shooting pain in my right foot and pain in my right shoulder. Dr Permutt gave me a BEST treatment. I felt so much better afterwards. Since I dance and do lots of exercise and taekwondo I could tell that after she worked on me I was balanced. Also the pain in my foot and shoulder were gone. In the future when I have problems after my workouts I’m going to make sure I get a BEST treatment.

Geula, Chicago, Illinois

“Mom, I don’t have to run to the bathroom anymore after I eat chocolate birthday cake. I never do anymore …ever since I saw your doctor that pressed on the back of my neck. Really!

Jackson, Chicago, Illinois

While teaching in a brand new school I developed multiple chemical sensitivities from the out-gassing of chemicals emitted from all of the new materials. After becoming very ill and losing 20 pounds, I was told that I was just experiencing symptoms of menopause or that “it was all in my head” and I should see a psychiatrist. I did not; but I did see my internist, two allergists and an environmental allergist. None of them could relieve my symptoms, discomfort and anxiety.

Then I found Dr Permutt. At our initial meeting, after a lengthy discussion, she looked at me and simply said, “I can help you. It will take a while but if you don’t give up on me, I won’t give up on you.” And she never did. Her counseling, comforting and mentoring are why I am alive and healthy today. She took me through two years of treatments, started me on natural supplements and guided me in implementing changes to my diet and my way of life. . . . And . . . she never gave up on me. Thank you, Dr Permutt, for giving me hope, healing my soul and saving my life.

Karen, Gurnee, Illinois

It is difficult to find words to express how much Madeline Permutt means to me and my family. I feel so incredibly lucky that our lives crossed paths seven years ago. At that time I had walked into my first holistic center and heard about a holistic doctor who could help with my immune system.

Suffering from extreme fatigue, symmetrical joint pain and dryness for several months after giving birth to my son, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (Sjogren’s). The rheumatologist explained I would gradually get worse and that I would need harsh drugs daily to keep it in check. (These drugs were new on the market, were not safe for childbearing women and months later were taken off the shelves due to causing heart complications.)

I was always curious about food allergies and the affect they have on our health. At this time I figured I had nothing to lose. I might seek an alternative/holistic view in treating this autoimmune disease. The picture painted by the rheumatologist was depressing and bleak for a young mother of 27.

My first appointment with Dr Permutt lasted over two hours and ended with me crying. Not with tears of fear, but with tears of hope. She spent an enormous amount of time analyzing my symptoms and health history. These symptoms were communicating to her the deficiencies within my body, which explained why I was behaving this way. I had never met a doctor who spent so much time studying a patient’s symptoms and what they meant. Most other doctors simply hear one of your symptoms and then prescribe the newest pharmaceutical drug that “treats” it. Apparently, all these symptoms are the body’s way of telling us that there is a problem. It may start small, but over time it can manifest into a serious illness or disease. She was about to unlock the story and find out how my body got to this point.

I began allergy elimination treatments immediately. After the 6th treatment I remember waking up and feeling like the cloud had lifted. I did not feel the heavy fatigue and my knees, wrists and fingers suddenly didn’t hurt. I continued for approximately 15 treatments. I went back to my rheumatologist for another blood test months later. My ANA levels and antibodies were now normal! The doctors couldn’t explain it and had little time to hear what I had been doing to feel better. I remember them telling me, “Exercise and diet will not make any difference in how you feel with Sjogren’s.” Well, how wrong they were! But it wasn’t just that. The treatments somehow reversed my allergies so my body was able to absorb the essential vitamins and minerals that I was so deficient in. And this is why my body had become so sick.

Seven years later I’m still clear of Sjogren’s. I’m active, energetic, athletic, working full-time, a wife and mother of two healthy boys. Not only has this warm, caring soul saved my life, she’s also opened my eyes to an entirely different way of thinking about health, food and medicine.

My boys received a delayed vaccination schedule. We avoid antibiotics unless absolutely needed. We try to eat as many organic, whole foods as possible. I buy little processed food. We all take whole food supplements and oils. I am able to share my knowledge with others. Dr Permutt has also treated several family members and friends. I am so grateful for Dr Permutt for not only improving my own immune system, but for teaching me a very different way to look at health and medicine.

Amy, Chicago, Illinois