When I first met Dr Permutt, in the mid 1980’s, I was taking 14 different medicines and seeing a psychiatrist regularly. This psychiatrist told me I had a chemical imbalance in my brain which was causing my severe depression. She did not treat the imbalance, just treated the symptoms. I decided if there is an imbalance it should be possible to correct it, so I searched through the telephone directory until I found a doctor who treated the whole person, not just one problem (over weight, smoking, etc.).

I started seeing Dr Permutt and soon began feeling much better. Gradually I stopped taking all the medicines except one for my heart, which is an inherited problem that cannot be cured only managed. I felt good, my weight got back to normal, without any effort on my part. Then in 1993 I moved to Minnesota and shortly after that Dr Permutt moved to Colorado. We lost touch with each other. I developed several new medical problems that the medical doctors did not address properly and my health suffered for it. A few weeks ago Dr Permutt located me and we began a new program to cure my problems. I am looking forward to the same good health I had before.

Mary, Princeton, Minnesota

20 years ago when I was too sick to leave the house, I had a health care professional come to my home and give me a blood test. He was concerned about me and gave me Dr Permutt’s name. At this time I was not aware I was going through menopause, suffering from Graves’ disease, allergies and an infection. Most of my blood work was far out of range which left me susceptible to other conditions. I did not eat or sleep well. Dr Permutt introduced me to the world of nutrition and whole food supplements with her natural health care. She continues to teach me good health habits and at age 72 I am happy, healthy and drug free. Dr Permutt gave me my life back!

Judy, St. Louis, Missouri

A few years ago Dr Permutt integrated me using Brain Integration Technique. After completing these sessions I was able to think clearer, remember things better and solve problems more creatively.

Sharon, Chicago, Illinois

For years I was having severe sinus infections with fever. My doctor gave antibiotics every time. Then one time I got sick and the Doctor said he would not prescribe antibiotics again. I was searching for help and found Dr Permutt. She checked me out and said my immune system was very weak. She gave me treatments to help balance my body, a special natural diet and supplements to build my immune system. It took a few months but I was faithful with the program. Now I am well and I recommend that everyone go to Dr Permutt when they are sick.

Marilyn, St. Louis, Missouri

In 2002 I suffered with a severe case of pancreatitis. After this the doctors insisted I have my gallbladder removed, so I did. Ever since then I have had various problems with my digestion—some more severe than others. I learned over time what foods were best for me. I even experienced chest pain at one point but we found it was really indigestion. Nausea and pain have been some of my worst symptoms. Then in March 2011 I was working too hard and not getting enough sleep. I started to experience chest pain again. Dr Permutt took a history and thought it could be a digestive problem. I had really gotten off my diet. She put me back on a really good diet with some very special supplements and I started feeling better very soon. My ongoing relationship with Dr Permutt helps me maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sharon, Chicago, Illinois
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