Water: Is It Safe to Drink? Part II – Examining your choices

Water: Is It Safe to Drink? Part II – Examining your choices

Let’s take a few moments to review the sources of pure water and filtration systems that are available today.

Reverse Osmosis Water

Prior to 2016 reverse osmosis was a great water filtration system.  The problem with it now is the fact that there are many additional chemicals in the water.  For example, many areas of the country (i.e. West Virginia and Ohio):

  • Have increased the amount of chlorine added to the water
  • Have begun using chloramine (a combination of chlorine and ammonia)

R.O. units do not normally have sufficient pre-filtration with carbon to remove chloramines or high levels of chlorine and their by-products.  A large filtration tank on the main pipe is necessary to make it effective.   R.O. was able to remove sodium fluoride, but as of January 2016 there has not been enough research to determine whether R.O. can remove fluorosilicic acid (the new form of fluoride) which is now in the water supply of 70% of US cities.  

Carbon Filters (Carbon block or Carbon mesh)

I do not recommend this form of filtration as it can only take out low levels of chlorine and its by-products.  The carbon-block system can remove some lead and possibly other chemicals but it definitely cannot remove any form of fluoride.  Because of the excess chlorine and chloramines in various cities, the carbon filters are clogging up and therefore are not useful for any type of water purification.

Distilled Water

When water is distilled it is boiled, evaporated and the vapor is condensed.  As a result of this process the water no longer contains its naturally occurring minerals.  Because the minerals are missing the water becomes an active absorber.  For this reason it can be used—for short periods of time only—to help pull toxic substances out of the body.  Fasting with distilled water is dangerous because there will be a rapid loss of electrolytes (necessary minerals needed for proper health) such as sodium, potassium and chloride.  When you cook food in distilled water it pulls the minerals out of the food, reducing the level of nutrients normally contained in that food.  

Distilled water is also very acidic because:

  • It no longer contains any alkaline minerals.
  • It absorbs substances, including carbon dioxide (highly acidic) from the air.  The more acidic a person is—versus alkaline—the more chance they have of being ill.

Finally, the more minerals that are lacking from your water and food the more chance you have of developing osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and other degenerative diseases which are normally associated with premature aging.  Distilled water may be great when used in your steam iron or vaporizer, but when it comes to human consumption I highly recommend avoiding distilled water as it is very dangerous to your health!

Excerpts for this blog taken from “Why Drinking Distilled Water is Bad for Your Health and Well-Being”, WaterUse.org.

Spring Water

If you’re not ready to invest in an in-home filtration system it is important that you drink and cook with pure water.  Unless you have a well, bottled spring water would be your only choice. This type of water is distributed under many names.  Even though the label says “Spring Water” the contents may still contain contaminants.  Most bottlers provide contact information so take the time to talk with their customer service department and make sure it is truly pure spring water.  For those of you who live In the Chicago area Ice Mountain is a brand that can be trusted. They bottle water in 8oz, 16oz and gallon size containers.  Each of these comes in either spring or drinking water.  Make sure you choose only the spring water.  

In-Home Filtration Systems

The only in-home filtration systems I recommend for drinking and cooking water are sold by Clean Water Revival.  Dr Speiser (the company’s owner and developer) has designed the most up-to-date systems in our country.  He continually does research and creates systems that remove all the chemicals in our water—including newly identified contaminants.  He has recently trade marked a new heavy metal filtration system.  It uses a new filter media called MetalGon™ which takes out at least 95% of the fluorosilicic acid and other heavy metals.  His carbon filters are specifically designed to reduce high levels of chlorine and chloramine.  

You can call Dr Speiser for a consultation and he will check the water in your city and make recommendations to most effectively purify your specific water supply.  He may suggest a purifier that is ready for use or, if necessary, he can custom design a system for your family’s particular needs.  Check this company out on line (www.cwenviro.com) or feel free to personally call Dr Speiser (800/444-3563).  He welcomes your calls and is happy to answer your questions.   I highly recommend Dr Speiser and his company.  He is a man of great integrity.

Once you decide which pure water source works best for your lifestyle, plan on using it for both drinking and cooking.  Nothing takes the place of water in helping to cleanse your body on a day-to-day basis.  Work toward drinking half your body weight in ounces of water (100 pounds = 50 ounces of water).  Your body will thank you!