Vitamin E – It’s So Complex!

Vitamin E – It’s So Complex!

Most people have heard that vitamin E is very important. In supplement form it is normally sold as d-alpha tocopherol. The latter is only one part of the E complex. Alpha tocopherol is taken from soybean or cottonseed oil. Once separated from the whole complex it is very unstable and could break down and be unusable. To stabilize this product it is combined with an alcohol by a chemical process known as esterification. The newly stabilized substance is given the name d-alpha tocopherol and sold under the name vitamin E.

All food will ultimately break down. This is a normal part of the life of foods. It is not healthy to stabilize a food or change it in any way. There are actually many side effects that may occur from taking d-alpha tocopherol. A few are as follows:

• Decreased endurance during exercise
• Osteoporosis
• High blood pressure
• Severe fatigue
• Bleeding due to problems with blood coagulation
• Decrease in a woman’s ability to reproduce

Delta Tocopherol
Delta Tocopherol
Alpha Tocopherol
Alpha Tocopherol
Beta Tocopherol
Beta Tocopherol F1
Xanthine F2
Selenium E2
Lipositols E3
Lipositols F1
Xanthine F2
Selenium E2
Lipositols E3
Gamma Tocopherol
Gamma Tocopherol

See functional architecture of Vitamin E Complex, at left, to illustrate this point.

The best food sources of E complex are:
• Wheat germ oil (that has not been stearinated or had hexane added—which is very hard to find)
• Organic whole grains, organic raw seeds and nuts (especially almonds and brazil)
• Organic peas, green leafy vegetables, asparagus, broccoli, sweet potatoes, corn, avocado
• Organic whole eggs (especially the yolk), organic butter, organic liver

Naturally occurring E complex, which you find in all the above mentioned foods, includes an abundance of selenium. It is the trace mineral activator in the vitamin molecule. Accompanying this vitamin in foods, you will also find vitamins A, B, C and K as well as zinc and iron.

Vitamin E complex has many important functions:
• Increases exercise tolerance
• Restores normal heart rhythms
• Reduces edema
• Lowers blood pressure
• Prevents and improves atherosclerosis
• Helps to reduce angina pain
• Greatly helps neuromuscular disorders
• Helps women carry a child to full term
• Supports the immune system
• Reduces the risk of heart attacks
• Inhibits tumors (it is the selenium as part of the E complex that facilitates this action)
• Improves testicular health and sperm production

Vitamin E complex has a steroid hormone precursor. The latter helps the body produce estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisone and other adrenal hormones. As you can see by its many functions, vitamin E complex is a very important supplement to take regularly or include in your diet. Please call my office for an excellent vitamin E supplement. After much research, it is the only source I feel comfortable recommending.

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