Some Amazing Facts about Cholesterol—Part II

Some Amazing Facts about Cholesterol—Part II

We’ve been taught to eat low fat diets in order to lower our cholesterol levels and reduce our chances of having a heart attack. Does research bear this out? Let’s look at some studies.

Dr Russel L. Smith, states in his publication, Diet, Blood Cholesterol and Coronary Heart Disease that a critical review of the literature proved that low cholesterol diets do not reduce blood cholesterol or reduce coronary heart disease.

Dr E. H. Ahrens, Jr., of Rockefeller University, maintains, after 40 years of research, that there is no scientific evidence to show that low fat diets recommended by the American Heart Association will reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Numerous other studies and research projects revealed exactly the same information.

The next question we want to answer is: Does saturated/animal fat lead to coronary heart disease (CHD) or heart attacks? Let’s look at what studies say:

Having collected a tremendous amount of data from numerous studies, the International Atherosclerosis Project concluded that animal fat was not related to CHD or heart attacks.

France, Italy and Switzerland are among the world’s leading consumers of cheese (very high in saturated fat). Yet these countries have extremely low rates of coronary heart disease and heart attacks. Many other studies substantiate these findings.

So, does the cholesterol in the blood cause heart attacks? Check out Part III in our on-going series for the answer!