Some Amazing Facts about Cholesterol—Part I

Some Amazing Facts about Cholesterol—Part I

Cholesterol is a critical component of every cell in our bodies and is essential to most aspects of metabolism. We would actually die without it.

Cholesterol forms 50% of the nervous system and assists transmission of nerve impulses throughout our bodies. It helps to form the covering for all of our cells. As an essential part of bile salts, it helps us digest and absorb fat including fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, F and K). Cholesterol is a very important component of hormones. It also helps us make vitamin D from the sun—and so much more.
We have been taught to believe cholesterol comes mainly from what we eat. Actually 80% or more of all our blood cholesterol is made by our liver. All other cells, except nerve cells, also make some cholesterol. Our bodies make 1000-2000 mg every day, an amazing fact since we are told not to eat more than 300 mg daily. Obviously, cholesterol is needed and our bodies know it.

Studies show that the more cholesterol we eat the less the body makes. If only a little is consumed our bodies make more in order to keep levels as constant as possible.

The following is a list of symptoms we may experience if we cannot make or do not eat enough cholesterol:

• Fatigue
• Obesity
• Impotency
• Nervous/emotional disturbances
• Digestive difficulties
• Inability to conceive or complete a pregnancy
• Menstrual syndromes
• Blood pressure irregularities

Be sure to check next week for Part II in our series and read more exciting facts about cholesterol and how they relate to your heart.