Growing Old Healthfully: Part II

Growing Old Healthfully: Part II

Maintaining a Positive Attitude

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t want to enjoy continued good health and a happy life well into their “golden years”. Have you? We’d love to be involved in meaningful relationships with the people in our lives and make contributions to the world around us. Like most things in life, these wishes don’t become realities without some effort on our part. We have to decide what is important to us and set goals to achieve those things. One of the most important aspects of achieving a goal is to believe we can do it—to think positively. In this case it’s, “I’m growing old healthfully and happily “and other similar thoughts. The next, very important step is to make a plan to put these thoughts in to action. Ask yourself, “What can I do to achieve this goal?”

For the remainder of the blog I’d like to give you some tips to help you achieve this goal. As you think creatively about this situation I’m sure you will have many other ways that I haven’t mentioned. I would love to hear from you with your ideas.

• Create a healthful diet for yourself.
• Plan an exercise program you can grow with—do it 5-7 days per week. Check into fitness programs in your area. Many Medicare supplements actually pay for a Silver Sneakers membership at YMCAs or local gyms so be sure to check out this option.
• Get chiropractic treatments, massage, colonics or any other activities that support your health and keep you feeling fit.
• If you struggle to maintain a positive and/or optimistic attitude check out Psych-K or other “like” techniques. It can help you change your subconscious thought patterns and produce some very helpful changes in your outlook on life.
• Keep your mind sharp by challenging and exercising it regularly. Some ideas include:
• Reading books provides a constant stream of thoughts. There are many book clubs for people of all ages. Not only can you be made aware of some great books, but book discussion meetings provide stimulating interaction with others—always a good thing. If that doesn’t appeal to you visit your local library and read on your own. Check out used book stores too. Their prices are great!
• Look in to taking classes. Senior centers, community colleges, churches or synagogues and craft stores (i.e. Hobby Lobby or Michaels) offer classes of all kinds. They provide opportunities to grow in knowledge or gain a new skill. You just might find a hobby that you’ll really enjoy!
• Challenge your mind by working cross word, Sudoku or jig saw puzzles. All of these activities challenge your mind and provide a sense of accomplishment when completed.
• As humans we were made to have meaningful relationships. That doesn’t change with age, so make a point of spending time with family and friends. As seniors we have a lot of “life experiences” to share. Younger people (especially children) can be fascinated by stories from “the olden days.” Be willing to share as the opportunity arises and don’t forget to ask about what’s going on in their lives too. Staying connected with others doesn’t have to be complicated. It might be as simple as sharing a meal or taking a leisurely stroll—whatever fits your lifestyle.
• Look for opportunities to give of your self. Volunteer at local schools, churches, synagogues or hospitals. There is always a shortage of this type of service. You’ll get more than you give!

To sum it all up, be creative, stay active and involved and most importantly, enjoy your life. Every day is a gift!