Q? My child just can’t do math. Is there help?

Definitely. The same principles I discussed for reading apply to math. I give your child access to all their brain pathways and learning becomes easy. If your child is functioning below grade level tutoring may be necessary, but with BIT there is always great hope.

Q? I am allergic to practically everything. There are only a few foods I can eat without feeling sick. Is there any hope for me?

By all means! My allergy elimination technique will be the first part of our plan. Then I will help you build your body through diet and vitamins. One of the keys to understanding what is happening when you are severely allergic is that you are not able to absorb and assimilate the nutrients from your food. Once I correct your allergies, absorption and assimilation occur naturally. The proper diet and vitamins are helpful in the healing process.

Q? My child has asthma. Can you help?

I have helped many with this condition. I feel quite confident that I can also help your child. Many times asthma is caused by allergies. These can be healed with my allergy elimination technique. Nutritional deficiencies may also contribute to asthma. A dietary history would enable me to pinpoint them and recommend appropriate vitamins and diet.

Q? What about vitamins or supplements? What should I take?

1. Only whole food vitamins, not extracts or those that have been standardized.
2. In order to know which vitamins would be best for you, a consultation with Dr Permutt would be helpful. You will come away with a program uniquely tailored to fit your individual needs.