Q? I’m exhausted and hurt all over. Doctors have diagnosed me with chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia. Is there any help for me besides taking drugs with troublesome side effects?

Absolutely. I have successfully helped many people find relief from these symptoms and become healthier. Balancing the body is always helpful. I use Bio-energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST) to help in this process. Eliminating allergies or sensitivities, when people have them, also works well. Diet and vitamins are extremely important to help in the recovery from this condition. The vitamins I use are unique and they play a major role in helping people recuperate from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

Q? I have tried many weight-loss programs and nothing has worked. What can you do to help me?

My approach to weight loss doesn’t consist of giving you another “diet” to follow. I begin by taking a complete history and doing a non-invasive exam. If there is a health issue contributing to your excess weight, it needs to be addressed before weight loss can take place. For example, research shows that many people cannot lose weight because their bodies are literally starving for nutrients, e.g., vitamins and minerals.
There may be two reasons why people may have this high level of deficiency.
1. They are not eating the right foods.
2. They may be allergic to many foods and therefore are not absorbing and assimilating the nutrients found in them.
I address both of these issues through proper diet, vitamins and the appropriate cutting-edge energy techniques. This does not mean that I am just prescribing a “diet”, but I am truly correcting the underlying causes of your inability to lose weight. Sustained weight loss will follow.

Q? My gall bladder has been removed and I am still having symptoms. Can you help me?

Yes. I have helped many people lead a normal life after their gall bladder has been removed. Changes are similar to the above with the addition of a very specific gall bladder supplement.

Q? I am having gall bladder symptoms or attacks. The doctors want to remove my gall bladder. Do you have an option?

Absolutely! I have saved many gall bladders. Dietary changes, vitamins, allergy elimination treatments and general body balancing have worked wonders for numerous patients. They can do the same for you.

Q? My child is seven years old and is not interested in reading. Can you help?

Yes. Brain Integration Technique (BIT) was designed for your child. The reason he/she does not want to read is that the brain pathways involved in reading are blocked. BIT opens these pathways, giving your child full access to the areas of the brain required for reading. I have seen children in my office who hated reading suddenly pick up a book and start to read right in the middle of our treatment program.