Q? People most frequently ask, “I have a specific condition (they name it). Can you help me?”

I have been able to help countless people with numerous conditions. There is a good chance that I can also help you.
Of course I need to know more about your situation. This can be accomplished in two ways:
1. A short phone consultation, after which I may know enough to tell you whether I can help you.
2. An initial in-office consultation, during which I take a complete history and perform a non-invasive examination. Then I know for sure whether I can help you.

Q? I’ve heard so much about tap water being unsafe to drink. Even expensive bottled waters aren’t always what they are claimed to be. I’m confused. What water should I be drinking?

Tap water in most cities in the United States is not good for your health. It always has chlorine, sometimes fluoride, and may contain trace amounts of lead, arsenic, aluminum, trihalomethanes, and the list goes on. I am sure some bottled water companies are not reliable. In each region of the country there will be one or more reputable companies that bottle spring water. In the Chicago area Ice Mountain is well known as a trustworthy company. Most of you have seen the filtered water machines in grocery and health food stores. They use a filtering process referred to as reverse osmosis. There are also various reverse osmosis filter systems sold for in-home use. While they do a good job of removing all the contaminants, they also take out all the minerals. Over time this can lead to serious mineral deficiencies. For this reason I do not recommend this type of filter. Well water is excellent. Make sure you have your well checked for any contaminants. Filtered water from a proper filter is also good. It needs to take out fluoride, chlorine and all the chemicals listed above. I find the following company to be a reliable source of water purifiers: Clean Water Revival (www.cwenviro.com)

Q? What fats are good for me?

All of the following fats are good for you. Organic sources are always best, when available.
Fat found in chicken, turkey, beef, eggs and fish
Extra virgin olive oil and olives
Coconut and coconut oil (organic,unrefined)
All raw nuts and seeds and nut butters

Q? What about eggs? I’ve heard the cholesterol in them is a problem for my arteries. How many can I safely eat in a week?

Eggs are a marvelous source of protein, vitamins and essential fatty acids. I recommend two to four eggs daily—more or less depending on your taste. They will never cause a buildup of cholesterol in your arteries. Inflammation in the lining of the arteries is the major contributor to arterial plaqueing. The main cause of this inflammation is refined sugar. Because sugar cannot exist alone in the body, it attaches itself to either cholesterol or protein. This combination then accumulates in the lining of the arteries leading to the inflammatory process—possibly resulting in atherosclerosis (clogged arteries). In these cases, even though cholesterol is found in the lining of the arteries, it is not the cause of the problem. Cholesterol in food has never been proven to be the cause of atherosclerosis and actually is essential to help your body function well.

Q? My life feels overwhelming at times. There never seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything on my list. Can you help me deal with the stress without resorting to medication?

Yes, I can. My first task is to take a history and perform an exam to find the underlying causes of your inability to deal with stress. I then prepare a treatment program designed just for you. This may include dietary modifications, specific whole food vitamins and various cutting-edge energy treatments. The combination will enable you to better deal with your stress without resorting to medication.

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