Coconut Oil: One of the Best Kept Secrets Part II

Coconut Oil: One of the Best Kept Secrets Part II

Today it is very common for saturated fat and heart disease to be mentioned in the same sentence. We’ve been led to believe that one leads to the other. But is that really true? Let’s take a few minutes to look at some facts that just might challenge your way of thinking about this subject.

Fact #1: Because medium chain fatty acids are burned almost immediately for energy they are not turned into cholesterol. Therefore they do not affect cholesterol levels. Dr Fife states: “One of the factors that increase blood cholesterol is low metabolism. Because coconut oil stimulates metabolism it actually protects against high cholesterol”.

Fact #2: One of the factors involved in the development of heart disease is the blood’s tendency to form clots. Platelets, in the blood, cause clotting when they become sticky. Many studies have shown that all fats except for two cause platelets to become sticky. The two exceptions are 1) fish oil (from eating fish itself) and 2) medium chain fatty acids (especially coconut oil). Taking too much fish oil in supplement form can lead to the weakening of blood vessel walls and bleeding in extreme cases. Quoting from Dr Fife, “Twenty five percent of all strokes are caused by excessive bleeding in the brain”. By contrast MCFA’s, because they are burned up immediately, do not affect platelet stickiness one way or the other.

Fact #3: Native populations of Polynesia and India, whose diets are high in coconut and coconut oil, are surprisingly free from heart disease and other chronic degenerative diseases. For example, in Sri Lanka, the average consumption of coconuts has been reported to be 90 per person annually. Their heart disease rate, according to Dr Fife, is far lower than that of non- coconut eating populations. It has been reported as low as 2.3 people per thousand.

Fact #4: Vegetable oil is the main source of fat in western countries (including the US). Interestingly enough heart disease accounts for 50% or more of all deaths in these countries. Given this information it would seem wise to replace polyunsaturated vegetable oils with organic extra virgin olive oil and organic unrefined coconut oil.

I trust this has given you some food for thought. If you have further questions about this subject in regard to you or your loved ones, please feel free to give me a call at 773/262-7611.