Can I Be Free from ADD?

ADD/ADHD are extremely commonly seen in both children and adults. The traditional treatment model enlists the use of pharmaceuticals. A wide variety of side-effects are often experienced with this approach. These medications do not eliminate or cure the problem but seek to manage symptoms.

In contrast, Brain Integration Technique (BIT) is a drug-free approach that successfully treats ADD and ADHD. Children, as well as adults, can be helped. After receiving these treatments you or your child will be able to sit, focus and concentrate in the classroom, while doing homework or attending meetings. You will enjoy reading books and learning will be easier.

ADD and ADHD have their root causes in how the brain functions or how much access you have to these functions. In ADD/ADHD logic functions are the main ones that are blocked. As a result you have difficulty accessing them. When this happens it is very hard to keep up with the speed at which learning takes place in a normal classroom—or at which information needs to be processed in daily living. As a result, if you have ADD you can easily become bored and begin to “attend to” or focus on what is happening outside the window. You might even “doze” or day dream.

In general teachers or employers think that you are either lazy or not willing to pay attention. In truth, you “cannot” because you are unable to access the brain pathways necessary to help you focus, pay attention or do the work at hand.

As BIT practitioners we have a set of “keys” (the specific treatments within the protocol) which allow us to open the blocked pathways. If you receive these treatments you will have access to all your brain pathways and ADD/ADHD will be corrected.