Allergies—The Good News

Allergies—The Good News

Are you eating organic food, taking good supplements, drinking pure water, exercising, thinking positive and still not feeling great? I’d like to offer you one possible reason for your dilemma. You could be suffering from allergic reactions to some of the foods you are eating—or just about anything in your environment.

An allergy by definition is a hyper-sensitivity. There are two levels of sensitivity. One is a true allergy and can be identified by life-threatening anaphylactic reactions. For example, throat closing, tongue swelling, difficulty breathing and hives. This type of sensitivity must be dealt with by removing the allergen from the diet and environment.

The second type of hyper-sensitivity is not life-threatening though possible symptoms can seem endless. Dr Devi Nambudripad has written a great book that lists common symptoms along with other helpful information about allergies. A sampling of her list includes fatigue, stomach aches, headaches (including migraines), chest pain, muscle aches, nasal congestion and skin rashes.¹

What are some of the causes of allergies? Heredity, toxic conditions, a lowered immune system, deficiency or malabsorption conditions and physical or emotional trauma can all contribute to the development of hyper-sensitivities/allergic reactions.

Though it is possible for a person to be allergic to anything, some of the most common allergies include: food, vitamins, medicines, immunizations, pollen, grass, insect bites, heat, cold, humidity and mold. Sounds a little hopeless doesn’t it!

Now for the good news! The second—non life-threatening—type of allergy/hyper-sensitivity can be completely corrected, even if it’s hereditary! After years of study, I have developed a unique technique that eliminates them.

I’d like to give you an example in which hyper-sensitivities were eliminated. An eleven-year-old boy came into my office listless, tired and irritable. Although he was usually a very talkative boy, he did not respond to any of my questions. He and his mother also reported that he had not had an appetite for the past four months. The mother was quite frustrated and asked, “Is there anything you can do for him?” I knew that I could help him but felt it would take time. I took a history and determined that there was nothing in his diet that should be contributing to these extreme symptoms. The logical next step was to test him for sensitivities/allergies.

It turns out he was allergic to everything he was eating with the exception of meat. I immediately started correcting him for his allergies and by the third treatment he said, “I’m really hungry now.” He started talking and was much more energetic. Both of these trends continued with each successive treatment. At the end of our first session, his irritability was gone—his sweet personality had returned. The mother was beside herself with excitement. I have never seen such a dramatic change in all my years of practice. The boy even said, “I feel so much better!”

Does this story remind you of anyone in your family or an acquaintance? Do you or a loved one suffer from any of the symptoms we mentioned? Has your search for relief from your health concerns proved unsuccessful? If so, I invite you to call our office at 773/262-7611. Let’s talk.

• Say Good-Bye to Illness, Devi S Nambudripad, MD,DC, LAc, PhD (Acv)